REVOLT TV reported that the signs were pointing toward a new J. Cole album coming soon, and now his fans have confirmation: J. Cole has a new LP, called K.O.D., arriving in four days.

A select group of fans got to hear the album on Monday night, at a free show announced hours before opening doors. First, Cole changed his profile photo and background photo to a plain purple image. Then, with a tweet that afternoon, Cole revealed a flier that that invited fans to come through Gramercy Theatre for a free show, first come first serve. “No phones. No cameras. No bags. No press list. No guest list,” the flier stated.

With a line that reportedly trailed around the block, the concert went down that evening. While no phones were allowed inside, the announcement was clear after the show: Cole’s fifth album called K.O.D. is arriving soon, and a small number of fans were able to hear the entire thing. Cole later tweeted that the album would arrive on April 20.

Brian “B. Dot” Miller, of Tidal’s Rap Radar podcast, revealed information about the album on his Twitter account: the album is 12 tracks long, and was recorded in two weeks. The title has three different subtitles: Kidz On Drugz, King Overdose, and Kill Our Demonz.

K.O.D. will be the follow-up to 4 Your Eyez Only, J. Cole’s last album released in December 2016.

Read below for reactions from attendees of the show, and see REVOLT TV’s list of J. Cole’s best deep cuts while preparing for K.O.D.‘s impact on Friday, June 20.