Meek Mill has been granted a new trial.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office agreed in court today (April 16) to a new trial for the incarcerated rapper. Meek Mill’s lawyer Brian McMonagle confirmed the news to a crowd outside the courtroom.

“That effort by this District Attorney is to remove an indelible stain that was placed on our criminal justice system back in November and today I think we all celebrate that decision, but there’s one more thing that has to happen,” he assured. That “one more thing” happens to be actually getting the rapper out of jail.

Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley sentenced Mill to two to four years in prison back in November for violating his probation. Brinkley was asked on Monday (April 16) to vacate the conviction — she disagreed. Instead, another hearing has been scheduled for June, and she reportedly refused to hear arguments from Mill’s attorneys about Mill being let out on bail.

“We asked the judge today (April 16) as soon as the District Attorney indicated that he was agreeing to a new trial to release him today. She wouldn’t listen,” McMonagle said.

Because of the decision, McMonagle said he and his team will file motions with higher courts to “do what she should’ve did 10 minutes ago.”

“Right now, what we’re poised to do, we’re gonna be running from here and take steps to ask a higher court to do what she should’ve did 10 minutes ago,” he stated.

Several people rallied in support of Meek outside the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia.

Since his incarceration, numerous names have stood up in support of Meek Mill, including JAY-Z in a New York Times op-ed, Al Sharpton, Colin Kaepernick, and many more.