Last week, to the dismay of the Beyhive, Love & Hip Hop newcomer Sophia Body accused Beyoncé (and other stars) of sleeping their way to mega-stardom. But, according to Sophia, her statements were taken out of context.

“I definitely didn’t mean Beyoncé personally,” she told REVOLT TV during a recent interview. “I was using names just to prove a point. Like, people that you glorify are doing the same things that you think I’m doing, but I’m getting judged for it.”

The former video vixen-turned-actress (and aspiring DJ) went on to express her frustration with being a target of hypocrisy. “I get so defensive when that conversation of being a ‘hoe’ comes up because it’s like, why are fucking crucifying me for the same shit that everybody else is doing?” Though she doesn’t take her statements back, Sophia does wish she didn’t name names. “I shouldn’t have mentioned Beyoncé…It wasn’t what I meant.”

Sophia also went on to comment about the recent robbery of her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, recalling that this wasn’t the first time he’s been roughed up. “This happens a lot to Safaree, not robbed but, like, just getting pressed,” she explained. “I just think he’s a target because he’s such a nice guy, and he just does his own thing, and nice people are targets automatically. If you’re a peacemaker, you’re a target.”

When asked how she believes Safaree can better keep himself safe, Sophia suggested that he keep a tighter circle. “Always have security and always keep it to a minimum,” she said. “You can’t get far in life period if you have a lot of people around you, shit like this is always just going to happen. So you gotta keep it tight and small.”