Fans have been hopeful for Meek Mill’s release ever since his November 2017 sentencing sent him back to prison for violating his probation.

In the months that have followed, his lawyer Joe Tacopina has been advocating passionately on his client’s behalf, with recent developments in the Philadelphia rapper’s ongoing legal case looking quite promising. However, Tacopina has come forward to address a recent rumor that Meek will be released this upcoming weekend.

“As far as I know there is no truth to those reports,” Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina told Philly Voice after reports went viral suggesting that the rapper is set to finally be released this upcoming week.

Recently, the Philadelphia Disctrict Attorney’s Office filed a motion to to the higher Supreme Court stating that it does not oppose Meek’s release on bail, an update that ultimately resulted in the unfortunately premature rumor his release.

Meek spoke to NBC‘s Lester Holt via phone Thursday evening (April 12), sharing, “It was always a thought in the back of my mind that 10 years of probation would bring me back to prison.”

The conversation, which aired in full on NBC Nightly News, also highlighted how he could have landed back in prison for something as minimal as being stopped for jaywalking, reflecting about how “police contact” in general is ultimately what got him in trouble, as opposed to what would be considered a standard probation violation.

“No, I wouldn’t have believed that I would be on probation this long,” he explained, after being asked if he thought he’d be in this situation all these years later. “I talk about they gave me 10 years of probation and I know, almost for sure in my mind, this will bring me back to prison.”

Earlier in the day, his ex, Nicki Minaj, briefly commented on his legal situation and the ruling judge, Genece Brinkley, during an interview with Zane Lowe.

“The judge in question did everything I asked of her, so I can’t badmouth her because I met her personally,” Minaj said. “I know what she said to us, he knows that and I know that. … [But] I never wish jail on anybody.”

While Meek Mill is currently still behind bars, hopefully, fans will have an official update regarding his release in the days ahead, especially as more high-profile people come forward on his behalf.