Cardi B might be having the best week ever. In the last few days, not only did the from WIC to lit raptress officially unveil her baby bump on Saturday Night Live, the soon-to-be mom also dropped her highly anticipated debut album, which has already gone gold. She came through The Breakfast Club dripping and ready to address everything from how she told Offset about their forthcoming child, why she decided on Invasion of Privacy for her debut album’s title and ghostwriting rumors.

On how she told Offset about her pregnancy: “Yo, I’m scared. I think I fucked up.”

On if she’s having a boy or girl: “It’s a gangsta.”

On what was more exciting, between releasing her debut or unveiling the baby news: “Mostly the album. It was more like a relief. The baby thing is something that was also a relief, but it was something that was nerve-wracking.”

On doing shows while pregnant: “I know a lot of people invested their time and shmoney in me and I just don’t want to disappoint anybody.”

On the album title: It came up as a conversation. While I was doing the album I felt like that’s when my privacy was getting invaded the most. Every single time I looked on the internet there was a story about me, about my dude. It was just getting so ridiculous and so overwhelming. I didn’t understand. How am I in the studio and people are making up things and still talking about me? Why are they talking about me? Why am I on the blogs again? Stop talking about me. I felt like I was going crazy. I was so overwhelmed. I felt like I had no privacy. I felt like the monkey in the zoo and everybody’s watching me.”

On working with Chance the Rapper: “The song felt like Chance the Rapper. I needed a verse from him. We reached out to him and he did a verse. Then it was like, ‘can you please get on the hook?’ Because this hook just didn’t sound good with me. He tweaked a lot of it. He was real busy. He was in Australia and he came right back and he did it. Me as an artist, knowing how busy you can be, for him to take the time and do it, it’s just like I’m very grateful. It’s like damn, Michelle Obama knows this kid, and he getting on my record.”

On ghostwriting rumors: Pardison’s not a ghostwriter. He’s a co-writer. I credit him in all the songs he’s been in. I even gave him a shoutout at the iHeart Radio Awards. The “Be Careful” song – I heard the song and was like I like this. It didn’t have a hook or nothing. I just liked that verse and I was like I want this song for me. I liked what it was saying, I liked this beat and we just worked on it. I’m putting my people on. They making money. I ain’t pay him off and hide him.”

On deserving respect despite her past as a stripper: “All women deserve respect. That’s the thing, it’s like, ‘how you deserve respect when you not respecting yourself, you’re showing your body and this and that.’ But because I’m showing my body doesn’t mean that I should get touched when I don’t want to get touched. When I was 19 and I used to be in the train station, and I used to see these girls with red bottoms in the magazine, I would wonder how much money they was making. I thought they were making like $10,000 just to be on the cover of the magazine. A lot of young women think certain jobs is a big opportunity for them and it sucks when you’re trying to get that big opportunity and there are people in the way like, ‘oh you want to be in this magazine?’ And they pull out their penis. Some girls are very young and naive.”

Cardi B’s full interview with The Breakfast Club can be watched above.