Cardi B already showed her ability to make a club hit with her chart-topping single “Bodak Yellow,” but the arrival of her album Invasion of Privacy proved something else: she’s got bars.

From her amped up “Get Up 10” intro to her empowering, SZA-featured outro “I Do,” Cardi is out to prove that can truly rhyme. Invasion of Privacy showcases the charisma, wordplay, and introspection that we’ve come to expect from the lineage of New York City rappers, along with an ability to craft songs. Read below for some of the REVOLT TV staff’s favorite rhymes from the album.

Is Cardi B the hottest MC in New York City?

“Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue / Put it on airplane mode so none of those calls come through…” — “I Do”

“Ain’t no runnin’ up on me/ Went from nothin’ to glory/ I’m not sayin’ ya should do it too/ I’m just tellin my story” — “Get Up 10”

“I’m a gangsta in a dress, I’m bully in the bed/ Only time that I’m a lady is when I lay these hoes to rest!” – “I Do”

“I started speakin’ my mind and tripled my views/Real bitch – only thing fake is the boobs.” – “Get Up 10”

“This is sweet pussy Saturday, that’s just what Plies say/I said “Bae, it’s a snack,” he said it’s a entrée” — “Money Bag”

“Look, I just want to break up all your shit/Call your mama phone, let her know that she raised a bitch” — “Thru Your Phone”

“I think us bad bitches is a gift from God/I think you broke hoes need to get a job/Now I’m a boss, I write my own name on the checks/Pussy so good, I say my own name during sex” — “I Do”

“These bitches salty, they sodium / They jelly, petroleum / Always talkin’ in the background / Don’t never come to the podium” — Money Bag

“I took pictures with Beyoncé, I met Mama Knowles / I’m the rose that came from the concrete in the Rolls” — “Best Life”

“Yeah that’s a fact, but I never been pussy / I’ve been that bitch since pajamas with footies /Won MVP, and I’m still a rookie, like woo” — “Best Life”