OVO Sound co-signed artist ODIE showcases his ability to blur genre lines as he blends hip-hop, R&B, pop, and afrobeat on his debut project Analogue.

Coming from a diverse musical background, ODIE uses his Nigerian roots and influences from contemporary artists like Kid Cudi, Coldplay and Fela Kuti to create a versatile, refreshing and eclectic collection of ten tracks.

Speaking more about the release in a press statement, the Toronto-raised, California-based vocalist/producer shares: “I see myself as an analogue artist in a digital age. The album Analogue is sort of my coming-of-age story. 2018 is the year where my fans will be fully introduced to who I am as an artist and as a human, flaws and all. In the past, I’ve just given glimpses.”

Get to know this unique singer-songwriter, and take a listen to his debut offering below.