Ever since being sentenced to two-to-four years for probation violation back in November 2017, Meek Mill’s ongoing legal situation has been a serious rollercoaster ride, filled with as many ups as it has downs. Fortunately, the Philadelphia rapper’s latest bit of news sounds promising, with fans optimistic the courts will finally rule in his favor.

As reported, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office filed a motion Thursday (April 5) to the state’s Supreme Court, reiterating that, once again, it does not oppose Meek being released on bail at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court level. The office previously shared such a stance last month.

Recently, Judge Genece Brinkley issued a 48-page decision declaring she would not be stepping down from the case (Meek’s legal team has filed a motion asking for her to be recused from the case due to an alleged personal vendetta), nor would she be granting Meek’s request for bail.

Both Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and the Philadelphia D.A.’s office have voiced their support for Meek, with both recommending that the rapper be released on bail at the higher court level, claiming that their offices were “unopposed” to the idea.

“We are encouraged by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s steadfast stance in not opposing Meek Mill’s release on bail at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court level while the current legal proceedings continue, even in light of Judge [Genece] Brinkley’s vindictive and erroneous decision,” Meek’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, shared in a statement.

As such, Meek’s release on bail will now be decided at a higher level than Judge Brinkley’s, with both the new filing and a response from the D.A. doubling as signs that a positive outcome may soon be on the way.