2 Chainz treats hip-hop like a professional athlete treats sports: he likes to stay in game shape all year round and doesn’t have an off-season. He recently dropped his EP The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It and since his jumper is so wet in the booth, we can definitely look for the charismatic lyricist to be serving even more to the fans whether it be through guest spots with other artists or his own.

One project Chainz told REVOLT TV that he’s itching to get out is a follow-up to his collaborative effort with Lil Wayne, 2016’s acclaimed ColleGrove. The pair started recording songs for the sequel last year.

Real Talk | 2 Chainz on his respect for, competitive friendship with Lil Wayne

“I think we’re both very competitive,” Chainz told us of the chemistry with his longtime friend. “He is one of my most favorite rappers ever in the game. I learned a lot from him, period. It’s always a battle, man. Any time we’re together, I’m like, I’m trying to come up with a hook or he’s gonna keep rappin’ all night. It’s like, man, let’s just go to something else! But that’s the fun part. It’s like rap calisthenics. It keeps you sharp. Steel on steel. We respect each other. That’s first. We always have, over fifteen years of friendship. So we ain’t going nowhere. No matter what’s going on in our lives, we gon’ be there for each other. That’s just what’s happening. That’s my bro.”

No date has been set for the project.