In the wake of last week’s disappointing, but expected, Alton Sterling verdict and the recent Stephon Clark shooting, many African -Americans are feeling like the system is continuing to fail us. “We got videos, but still no convictions,” said political analyst Eboni K. Williams while discussing politics as usual on The Breakfast Club this morning. The lawyer and Fox News host also spoke with Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God about Stephon Clark, deferred prosecution and President Trump’s Stormy Daniels scandal.

On the Stephon Clark shooting: We are not new to this. This is Sean Bell all over again. This keeps happening.

On the importance of deferred prosecution: I really want everyone out there in the world, and especially here in America to understand deferred prosecution. It says if it’s a non-violent offense and you’re a first-time offender, you’re not really a threat to society, right? You ain’t really threatening anybody. So we’re going to let you earn your way into a dismissal of the charge, so that you won’t have a record and you can go on a live your dreams.

On being a disruptor: You got to be ready for the consequences. That’s what I would say to sister Mo’Nique. If you want to be a disruptor – and we’ve chosen to do that, nobody asked us to do that. We’ve chosen to enter that space – you have to do the math upfront, and I mean sometimes literally doing the math and say, ‘can I afford this?’

On Fox News’ response to Killer Mike’s NRA interview: I could tell you, if you go to Fox News’ Instagram, they’re delighted with his commentary. They loved it. They put a meme up.

On the Stormy Daniels scandal affecting Donald Trump’s presidency: Let me just be real candid with you. Let me tell you something. I understand the Trump voter better than most, and the Trump voter is not at all concerned with the President’s moral position. I think they were fully aware of his lack of moral accountability before they ever cast a ballot.

Eboni K. Williams’ informative interview with The Breakfast Club can be viewed in full above.