Nas has never shied away from speaking his truth both on and off the mic.

Recently, the veteran rapper took to Instagram to promote his new musical output (“Walk Thru” with Future and DJ Esco) and pen a passionate message to his fans calling for unity in hip-hop, especially in the wake of certain tensions stemming from the generational gap in rap.

“Today’s game is as big as it gets,” he writes. “It seems like nobody gettin along tho. It’s a big enough game to do what you do and let ya talent speak for itself. This new cat over here says something bad about Pac. This older guy gets mad at the new guy. Or ‘Nas ain’t hip hop. Migos and Future are Hip-Hop’ Neil Diamond x Jack White have a Concert coming up together. Gettin it done.”

“White musicians have that freedom and are praised for coming together… more power to them and I’m a fan of it,” he continues. “Why can’t black artist do that and make it cool? We are all artists, let’s all evolve together. Walk With Me. WALK THRU.”

Needless to say, the Queens native certainly has several great points, as well as has undeniably evolved himself from his infamous 2006 comment that hip-hop is dead.

The song he’s promoting, in addition to his message asking for unity in hip-hop, appears on DJ Esco’s latest project, Kolorblind.

Stream the single and see Nas’ latest message to his fans, below.