In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re excited to have dope hip-hop photographer Jen J take over our Instagram. Not only has she worked with some of your favorite big-timers, but she’s also in the trenches with the hottest up-and-comers!

Born into a family of artists, Jennifer fell in love with the magic of photography at the impressionable age of 12 and never looked back. Raised in the Midwest, Jennifer moved to the West Coast five years ago to follow her dreams, follow the bright lights and freedom to live, and create in ways that only Los Angeles can offer. It’s been a wild ride and she’s been blessed to have worked for and with some of the industry’s finest brands, people, and personalties.

Jennifer is an outgoing and energetic character who has a knack for connecting with her subjects and clients in a way that results in capturing some really captivating moments. Whether she’s shooting a concert, documenting an event or photographing a portrait session, her passion runs deep to reflect the world around us in all its beauty, love and pain.

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