Azede Jean-Pierre proves that with just a little bit of work ethic and dreaming big, you can achieve anything. Jean-Pierre’s name is buzzing throughout the fashion industry, especially after debuting her fashion line, of which she credits her Haitian heritage as inspiration.

Her clothing line has something for everyone. You can pick up an outfit for a night out, a happy hour, or a casual date. Her clothing represents the free-spirited, Afrocentric woman who is still finding herself in this world, but not afraid to stand out.

Life wasn’t all glitz and glam for Azede. A Haitian refugee who came from her country and settled in Atlanta, Jean-Pierre discovered her love for art in her early childhood, which led to enrolling in the art school, Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating, she traveled to New York City, working as an intern at local brands Ohne Titel and Ralph Rucci.

This experience prompted her to launch her label in 2012. Jean-Pierre’s big break came when her fashion label made its Paris Fashion Week debut with the Spring 2017 collection. She credits her Caribbean culture as the inspiration behind the collection at the debut.

In an interview, she talked about the massive influence her culture plays when designing her clothes.

“I think any barrier can be broken and being of African descent adds some value to your perspective,” said Jean-Pierre. “It should be thought of that way because it’s cool to have a different perspective.”

During the interview, Jean-Pierre goes on to explain the impact heritage had on her creative process behind her fashion line.

“It brings on an interesting perspective because I understand clothing and culture from multiple points of views, even how you wear things or what is considered classy or good or what is traditionally acceptable for a woman or a man. It influences it, but I also like to turn things on their head and do things that are polarizing. That said, the last collection and even the fourth collection was inspired by my home country. I travel back there, meet people, talk to artisans there and I’m just inspired by the general allure of Haiti — the population and the beauty. So, it definitely influences me. There are colors and embroidery in the collection that I take from Haiti.”

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