In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re excited to have dope hip-hop photographer Beth Saravo take over our Instagram today. Not only has she worked with some of your favorite big-timers, but she’s also in the trenches with the hottest up-and-comers!

Saravo is a published and award-winning photographer who specializes in live performance and lifestyle imagery. Her experience stems from a childhood surrounded by creative peers where she began filming and editing home movies in her early teens. Throughout high school, she explored digital photography then completed an art degree in New York where she began shooting a combination of music and fashion full-time.

Saravo’s work encompasses a love of human interaction, reaching for moments you can never get back. More recently, she tours and attends festivals nationwide, working on teams, and with labels and artists. She aims to explore the possibility of honest and clean, yet vibrant and exciting photographs.

Today, Beth is taking over our @REVOLTtv IG with some of her favorite shots and will explain the moment behind each one.

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