One of Craig Mack’s best friends Alvin Toney, who is spearheading the late rapper’s memorial celebration, says he wants people to think big when it comes to celebrating the life of the lovable lyricist.

“We’re going to have a ceremony here for him and I want everybody to come out, ” Toney told REVOLT TV. “We want the whole ‘money Long Island’ to come out. We want the whole Long Island to come out and show the respect of one of our great ones. Brooklyn is Biggie’s and Long Island is Craig’s. The ceremony is something we’re putting together for next Wednesday (March 28). We don’t want nobody not to come. We want everybody to show up. We want everybody out in the streets. We want the Craig Mack T-shirts, we want the Craig Mack hats, we want the fans, we want everybody out. We want him to go home right.”

Toney maintains that Mack is the biggest artist from Long Island to ever pass away and wants a befitting turnout.

Craig Mack celebration memorial on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

“I don’t want his legend to ever leave,” he described. “The way they treated Biggie–and I love that, the way Brooklyn do Biggie–I want Long Island to do it up the same way. I want Long Island to be a part of that. I want Brooklyn to be a part of that. Queens, Manhattan, Mount Vernon. I don’t care if you’re flying from Chicago, I don’t care if you come from L.A., Virginia, California. He loved all these places. Even the places he left, the last place, South Carolina, North Carolina, Connecticut, I want everybody to come out and show love ’cause he never stood for one area, he made music for the world.”

The memorial ceremony for Craig Mack will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at 2PM. The service will take place at the Faith Baptist Church, which is located at 145 N Franklin Ave in Hempstead, New York.