Meek Mill’s lawyers want the judge in his case Judge Genece Brinkley removed immediately. Yesterday (Monday, March 19), a motion was filled in Philadelphia Supreme Court asking for the imprisoned MC’s immediate release and for Brinkley to be recused from the case.

“This application challenges the fundamental unfairness of allowing a trial judge laboring under what is, at a minimum, an appearance of bias,” read the filing, which was sent to REVOLT by Meek Mill’s legal team. “Mr. Williams seeks an order removing the trial judge from the case, vacating her recent order finding a probation violation and imposing the 2 to 4 year prison sentence, and, if necessary, directing a new probation revocation hearing before a different judge.”

In a preliminary statement also included in the document, Meek’s attorneys claim that Judge Brinkley became star-stuck with their client and has displayed negatives bias towards him.

“The uncontroverted record demonstrates that the trial judge—in the course of administering Mr. Williams’ probation—has undertaken a prosecutorial role and improperly injected herself into Mr. Williams’ personal and professional life far beyond what is necessary to perform proper judicial functions, thus creating the appearance of bias and, in turn, undermining the integrity of the judicial system,” they accused. “Making matters worse, the judge (through her personal attorney) has publically commented on Mr. Williams’ case and threatened to sue Mr. Williams, his attorneys, and his professional management.”

Meek has been jail serving a two to four-year sentence for probation violations since last November. The arresting officer in his original case has since been exposed by the Philly District Attorney’s office as being corrupt. There have been motions to overturn Meek’s original sentence and the district attorney said just last week the situation was looking in Meek’s favor to have him out of prison soon.