Former Bad Boy artist and Hit Squad member Craig Mack died last week at the age of 46, and though the Long Island-born MC hadn’t put out music new music in over 20 years, a new LP of his was in the works before he passed away. Erick Sermon and Rockwilder produced it, according to Eric B. who spoke to REVOLT TV on Wednesday (March 14).

“You know what it was? Erick Sermon had had a bunch of vocals that Craig had did [back in the day]. So Erick came back in and revamped all the music. And Craig was like, ‘Man, if that’s what he want to do, I don’t care. I’m not really interested in it.’ And very few people Craig called [his] friend, so he was like, ‘Erick’s my friend, I don’t care if he does it.’ Craig really wasn’t into it. It didn’t make him no difference whether it came out or it didn’t come out.”

During his time in the limelight, Mack made major impact, giving Bad Boy Records the label’s first hit, “Flava In Ya Ear.” Not only is the record considered one of the greatest songs in hip-hop history, but the remix is one of the genre’s most historic and praised.

Despite all his success, Mack only delivered two LPs on Bad Boy Records and stopped releasing material in 1997. However, an album’s worth of songs that he had recorded over the early 2000s was finally (and independently) released last year under the title The Mack World Sessions.

Still, Mack wanted nothing to do with the entertainment industry, according to those close to him. He spent his last years, over a decade, living in South Carolina and had given his life to the Lord.

“He was happy with his life,” Eric B said. “Again, he said, ‘Eric, man, I’m happy here.’ Once you say that, I’m good with it, I’m good with the conversation.”