Rich Homie Quan’s debut album, Rich as in Spirit, has finally arrived!

The project, which dropped this Friday (March 16), has been a long time coming, with the newly signed Motown Records artist being met with some setbacks and delays throughout the course of the past year.

The album spans 19 tracks and includes one guest appearance from none other than Rick Ross. Production is handled by 30 Roc, Beatmonster Marc, Cassius Jay, Nard & B and Will-A-Fool, among others.

“When I’m in the booth and the mic is on – the first way I say it, I’ll never say it like that again,” he says, recalling his creative process with Rolling Stone. “If I write it, it’s not gonna come out the way I wrote it. When I record from a paper, you can hear it in the energy. That’s just a part of my creative process … My music makes more sense when I write, but it desert have that energy when I just come up with it off the top of my brain.”

He also previously revealed that the album’s title came to him while he was incarcerated.

“I end up going to jail,” the Atlanta artist explained. “I had a [cellmate] by the name of Chicken. He was like, ‘I see your name is Rich Homie. What it stand for?’ I didn’t have a meaning, but the first thing he said was, ‘Rich as in spirit.’ It hit my spirit. I felt it, opposed to heard it. I didn’t hear it. I felt it…It stuck with me. I had to name my first album that.”

Take a listen to Rich Homie Quan’s debut, Rich as in Spirit, below.