Kodak Black has reportedly been placed in solitary confinement for 30 days.

The Heartbreak Kodak rapper allegedly got himself in trouble for using the prison phone to make a three-way call with another person whom he was not authorized to speak with.

His attorney, Bradford Cohen, explained that the rapper was taken out of the general popular for the call itself, not necessarily for the content of the call.

“In my 21 years of practice, I’ve never had someone get 30 days solitary for a 3-way call,” Cohen shared in a statement with Billboard. He also added that he didn’t know who his client was calling.

Per TMZ, Black also requested a judge to allow him to have his tutor visit him while he is in solitary because he is working on his GED. According to reports, the request has not yet been ruled on.

Black was arrested earlier this year during a home raid and recently had three charges dropped from his case. As reported, he has pleaded not guilty to the outstanding charges.