Vic Mensa x Valee, “Dim Sum”

Dressed in matching suits, Valee and a sword-wielding Vic enjoy a night of fine dining and finer women at a Chinese restaurant, and take to the streets in a luxury whip, too. Stay for the Chance the Rapper cameo.

Run the Jewels, “Oh Mama”

Considering Run the Jewels are headlining the Adult Swim Festival later this year, the duo recruited the network’s flagship animated team Rick and Morty to star in their new video and, in it, the cartoons travel to different planets to hunt and go to war with aliens.

Q-Tip, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” ft. Demi Lovato

Inspired by the 1990 ball culture documentary Paris Is Burning, Q-Tip and Demi don’t appear in the visual for their contribution to the upcoming Elton John tribute album Revamp, but dozens of captivating dancers do.

Lil Dicky, “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown

Lil Dicky’s latest track draws inspiration from the film, Freaky Friday, where the two main characters switch bodies in order to learn more about the other’s perspective and appreciate their own that much more. The newly minted 30-year-old rapper’s interpretation of the now-classic film stars Chris Brown as the person Lil Dicky switches bodies with, making the visual a must-watch. Learn more about the making of the hilarious (and creative) video here, via Billboard.