Tonight on Drink Champs, the conversation gets heavy into hip-hop and the art of MCing. What is your criteria to hold the crown? Who is your personal top five or top ten? When is it crossing the line when a rapper gets help with a few lines to a rapper ghostwriting? If a rapper has a ghostwriter can he or she be considered a legitimate top ranked MC?

This week’s guests include funnyman Tony Rock, tenured titan of the boards, producer Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, legendary music industry mogul Charlie Mack and an all-time great lyricist Ras Kass.

At one point N.O.R.E. asks Mack, Meek Mill’s former manager, how he felt about Meek losing the battle to Drake.

“Meek is proven. For me, that’s the thing that drew me in,” Mack said about working with the Philadelphia rapper initially. “Ain’t nobody gonna ride or bounce that beat in a way that Meek gonna get in pocket.”

“That’s all subjective,” Mack added, touching on the perception of Meek taking an “L.”

“That’s just like JAY-Z and Nas,” he continued. “It’s about where you’re at and what you think. It’s like if somebody says ‘Nore don’t have no lyrics.’ It’s like ok, what you lookin’ at, what are you judging on? Because it’s some people who love Nore the same way they love Hov. It’s subjective, based on what you love. I don’t see Meek as taking no L. Philadelphia didn’t see Meek as taking no L.”

Tony Rock had his own take on the battle.

“The Meek/Drake thing was a bigger picture people didn’t realize. Light skin vs dark skin… Hood vs suburbs. Meek’s response was weak as f—k. Street n—s was like ‘We want you to win. We waiting for you to respond to this muthaf—a. And kill him.’ Then you didn’t responded the way we wanted you to respond. That’s when you took a L.”

Drake seemed to put an end to the feud with Meek last December on the “Family Feud” freestyle with Lil Wayne, during which he spits, “I need my paper long like ‘A Milli’ verse (a Milli verse) or too long like a sentence from Philly judge / F—k is the point in beefing when we really blood?”

Meanwhile Meek’s legal team expressed optimism Wednesday (March 15) that Meek would be home soon, at least on bail. The rapper’s legal team received positive feedback from the Philadelphia District Attorney in the wake of filing a motion requesting the MMG superstar’s release.

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