Meek Mill may be coming home soon. He has more hope tonight (March 14) than he has had the past few months.

On Tuesday, the currently incarcerated rapper was able to speak publicly via phone during “Reform: Bringing Injustice To Light,” a town hall featuring his attorney, Joseph Tacopina, civil right activists, including Reverend Al Sharpton, and even Meek’s mom, Kathy Williams. Today, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office gave Meek and his legal team a strong dose of optimism.

“There is a strong showing of likelihood of the Petitioner’s conviction being reversed (in whole or in part),” a filing to Meek’s attorney from the Philadelphia DA’s office reads. “Therefore the Commonwealth is unopposed to (Mill’s) petition for bail.”

Tacopina stated yesterday that he and his team have filed “every motion imaginable” to get Meek out of jail ever since he was sentenced to two-to-four years in jai for probation violation in November of 2017.

Just last week, an explosive report arrived, documenting the criminal misdeeds of 29 former Philadelphia police officers. Among the crooked cops was Reginald Graham, the officer who arrested an 18-year-old Meek on gun and drug-related charges. Tacopina has been arguing since the officer who arrested Meek on his original charges is questionable, Meek’s original case should be thrown out. Today, the Philly DA seemed to agree.

“We are very pleased with the District Attorney’s filing today stating that he is not opposing Meek’s immediate release on bail, and that there is a strong likelihood that Meek’s conviction will ultimately be reversed in whole or in part,” Tacopina said in statement released to REVOLT. “We look forward to his immediate release by the court on bail in light of this development.”

“I would like to thank the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for carefully evaluating my son’s matter and not opposing the request for bail,” Meek’s mom Kathy Williams weighed in. “The fact that Robert’s entire conviction could be overturned is a blessing and I pray that God gives Judge Brinkley the wisdom to make the right decision and allow my son to return home to his family. I truly believe justice will prevail.”