So what does Wu-Tang Clan have to say about Martin Shkreli’s prison sentence? Simple.

Before headlining the REVOLT House at SXSW last night (March 14), Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah and Raekwon shared their opinion on Shkreli’s recent sentence. Last week, the disgraced pharmaceutical exec was sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted of three charges related to fraud last year. In response to the news, Ghostface kept it simple: “fuck that nigga.”

“You disrespected me, going up on the radio and doing all this shit. My kids gotta see that,” Ghostface added. Shkreli is infamous for not only increasing drug prices for 5,000 percent, but also lobbing threats at the Wu rapper. In 2016, he was on The Breakfast Club and made mention of wanting to “smack” Ghostface and later went on a series of attention-grabbing shenanigans to provoke the rapper. Now, it appears that karma has entered the mix.

“It’s a different thing when it’s you,” Ghostface told REVOLT, before adding, “but if it ain’t you, you could take it like that.”

Harrell then moved onto a question that Wu-Tang Clan fans have: since Shkreli had to forfeit the album, will fans ever hear the $1 million project?

“Anything is possible,” Ghost said. “Anything’s possible.