On Thursday morning’s episode of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy said that when it comes to his family, no lines should be crossed – even if it’s by the hottest comedy duo in the game, Desus and Mero.

Desus and Mero were visiting The Breakfast Club to promote their upcoming five-city tour. On their eponymous nighttime show on Viceland, the duo gives comedic commentary on various current events in news, entertainment, and politics. On a recent episode, they commented on Envy and his wife’s visit to The Real, on which the couple discussed Envy’s extramarital affair. When his wife said “I didn’t know DJ Envy” – saying she knew the person, not his star persona – Desus chimed in, “I bet she knows that DJ Envy check though.”

Envy confronted the comedians immediately, saying that they can joke about him all they want, but to not talk about his wife or his children. Desus was surprised by Envy’s upset, but he apologized and said that Envy wouldn’t hear any more words on the show about him and his family.

“Make fun of me all you want, but when it comes to wife and kids, there is no ‘but,’” Envy said. “You can play like that, but I don’t play like that.”

“We have never had this conversation where you say, ‘boundaries are here, don’t do this.’ We’re having this conversation now, and now I understand,” Desus said. “You won’t hear anymore jokes about your family, about your kids, or nothing.”

The show continued, but a couple minutes after Desus’ apology, DJ Envy left his seat and walked out of the interview.

“We work with Envy, so we know. Any mention about his wife is going to set him off,” Angela Yee said.

Watch the full interview above.