Although his latest release, Lil Boat 2, hasn’t gotten the best reviews, it does show that there’s more to Lil Yachty than many would have initially expected. The evolution of the Quality Control artist was on display during his most recent visit to The Breakfast Club. As he sat with Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy, he discussed what separates Lil Boat 2 from his debut, his forthcoming joint album with Takeoff, why he gives back, and more.

On Lil Boat 2‘s sound: It’s extremely different. Really, when I dropped that last album, which I personally loved, I felt like it was the wrong time for it. I kind of just came in and dropped that album and really switched things up from the jump without giving fans any time to digest my actual sound.

On flaky fans: That’s not even a bad thing at all. It’s just what it is. Everything is fast now.

On Lil Boat 2‘s featured guests: I don’t know. It turned out like that. It’s not like I intentionally said, I’m going to have a bunch of people on there. I did these songs with these people that I met and built relationships with, and these songs I enjoyed and I kept them.

On his joint album with Takeoff: Yep, it’s going to be fire. I just got to catch him and finish it. He moves a lot, so I just got to catch him, but as soon as we can finish it, it’ll be out.

On being signed to the same label as Migos: Good pressure. That’s the pressure I need. That’s the best back-burner to have, to see them doing so well, because when I came to the label, they weren’t doing that well in the game, so to see that is inspiring.”

On giving back: It’s the right thing to do. To be blessed, to receive all of these blessings, why not? Why would you do anything less than something as little as a donation or pop-up visit or anything?

Watch Lil Yachty’s full interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’ above.