Vince Staples has heard enough commentary from his critics and he’s looking for those who dislike his music to put their money where their mouth is.

Recently, the California rapper launched a GoFundMe page encouraging his haters to do one of two things, “Get off my d—k or fund my lifestyle.” While the campaign outlines that he’ll retire from rap if he accumulates $2 million in donations, he’s shared a new track to further soundtrack the movement.

The new track, aptly titled, “Get the F—k Off My D—k,” marks the first release since his 2017 album, Big Fish Theory, and features the 24-year-old getting it all off his chest.

“I ain’t taking no more calls, might think ’bout calling it quits / Press is trying to block my blessings, no more talking to Vince,” he spits. “NPR and XXL: Man, I can’t tell which is which / Missed the mark; I won’t roll for nothing / Rappers ho up, then they blow up; guess who do the f—king? / VMA and Grammy snubbing.”

His GoFundMe currently has almost $2,000 donated and has got everyone talking, with many wondering who the bigger troll is, the fans donating or Vince for presenting the idea he’d walk away in exchange for $2M.

Take a listen to Vince Staples new song, “Get the F—k Off My D—k,” below.