Mary J. Blige made history at the 2018 Oscars this past weekend upon becoming the first person ever to be nominated for both an acting performance and an original song in a single year. She was considered for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Mudbound, and her contribution to its soundtrack, “Mighty River,” was recognized for Best Original Song.

Despite losing in both categories, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has earned a major win in a different way.

According to Billboard, “Mighty River” saw a 321-percent increase in streaming on Sunday, the day of the awards. The streams raised to 20,000 from Saturday’s 5,000, and marked the largest percentage jump among all of this year’s Best Original Song nominees.

Miguel’s “Remember Me” from Coco, which took home the coveted award, scored an 18-percent uptick in streaming, rising from 270,000 to 318,000.