Tony Rock says he didn’t diss Mo’Nique; he just was expressing that she needed to exercise proper etiquette. The two comedians have been involved in a back-and-forth on social media ever since he weighed in on Mo’Nique calling for a boycott of Netflix.

“There’s no beef,” Rock told hosts N.O.R.E. And DJ EFN during a recent taping of Drink Champs.

“I got off the plane at LAX,” Rock began explaining. “TMZ ran up on me. I said I was always taught—and please tell me if you were taught differently—’never count any one else’s money.’ I never said she didn’t deserve more money, I never said she shouldn’t get more money or Amy Schumer is worth more money than her. I said, ‘Don’t count the next man’s money.’ After that, social media went crazy: ‘You hate Black women. You hate your sistas. You don’t want her to shine.’ My fucking Twitter was bananas. Then I said, if she had a real issue, don’t do it on social media, call me. When niggas do it on social media, you doing it for people looking. You don’t really have a genuine problem. You want eyes to see you.”

For the record, not only does the host of BET’s Black Card Revoked say he has nothing but love for the Academy Award-winning actress, but he also notes, “I think Monique should get all the money in the world.”

Rock definitely won’t be shunning Netflix anytime soon though—especially with his brother Chris’ special Tambourine just landing on the network.

“She told us to boycott Netflix before my brother’s special came out,” he said. “I gotta boycott? My brother’s special is coming. I can’t do that.”

In addition to Mo’Nique, Rock talked about his personal goals and even brought a couple of guests with him that absolutely turned the place out.

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