Like Wu-Tang, the Wayans are forever. With 2017’s Netflix hit Naked and an NBC sitcom called Marlon, which returns for a second season later this year, the youngest of the Wayans clan, Marlon has been pretty busy lately. Most recently, he unleashed his first stand-up special Woke-ish. “I feel good about the things I’m doing now, because I feel like I’m maturing,” says the Wayans brother, who was this morning’s guest on The Breakfast Club. Sitting with Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee, Marlon Wayans discussed being woke-ish, ‘90s nostalgia and the Wayans family getting their just due.

On the meaning behind woke-ish: “I’m up, I see things, but I’m not all the way there. Woke-ish is like a nigga that went to see Black Panther on the first weekend, but it was a bootleg.”

On being woke: “I think for where we are now as a people ‘woke’ is a good thing, because a lot of people slept for a long time about the state of where we were as minorities in the world.”

On the reboots of classic sitcoms: “I think what people are missing is nostalgia of the ‘90s and the physicality of the ‘90s.”

On if his family debates who’s the best: “I don’t compete with my brothers. I can’t compete with my brothers. My brothers are giants to me. You know what the beauty of my life is? Everybody talks about their idols and legends. Do you understand I had the gift of growing up in a house with my idols, legends and my brothers that were doing it?”

On if the Wayans getting proper credit: “Everybody that loves comedy or is in comedy, they do hold my family, especially my brothers Damon and Keenan, and Kim to a certain regard. This is a new audience. They don’t know In Living Color unless they Google it.”

Marlon Wayans’ full interview with The Breakfast Club can be watched above.