While some fans may be disappointed that Big Sean has postponed his next tour), one can’t help but salute where his creative and business sense is taking him next.

As reported, the Detroit rapper will be launching a new film production company, to be titled Great Lakes Pictures. The news arrives following the announcement he is planning on building a multipurpose move theater and performing arts venue in his hometown of the Motor City.

Big Sean is launching the new company with the help of his best friend, Lawrence Lamont, who has directed several of his music videos and won the prize for Best Fight Against the System at the 2017 MTV Awards for the visual for Big Sean’s “Light.”

Big Sean share the good news about their next venture with a reporter at the Detroit Free Press after surprising 900 students with the opportunity to see Black Panther free of charge.

“Right now, music is my number one focus,” he told the publication. “But I can for sure see myself going into movies. We started a production company, and we’re just getting our feet wet.”

The rapper also commented on bringing Lamont into the venture, adding that his high school friend “is a great, great director. But the point is, he has that vision.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Big Sean and Lamont have already met with Ice Cube and acclaimed director/producer F. Gary Gray to discuss their ideas for the company.

“F. Gary Gray used to do Ice Cube’s videos and now he’s one of the biggest directors ever, so not only did they lead the way for us, but I feel like we would be shortcoming ourselves, we would be not taking advantage of a situation… if we didn’t show some type of evolution or take the road that those guys paved for us and go further or go in a different direction,” Big Sean added.

In addition to dipping his toes into the entertainment industry through his new production company and his plan to build a multiplex venue in Detroit, Big Sean is also trying his hand at acting, hinting he will be announcing more details about his most recent role, during which he played the lead character in his first animated film, soon.