It’s been nearly a year and a half since Solange dropped her acclaimed A Seat at the Table album, but in recent months, she’s kept busy starring in Calvin Klein campaigns, celebrating the anniversary of her True EP, directing SZA’s “The Weekend” music video, and being named the Harvard Foundation’s 2018 Artist of the Year.

She also candidly revealed the diagnosis of a nervous system disorder. But it doesn’t seem the singer will be slowing down too much.

She revealed in an interview with Billboard that she’s been working with Steve Lacy of the Internet, telling the publication: “He’s like, ‘OK, I got these chords.’ ‘Hey, papa, let’s go!’”

Still, that’s not to say she’ll fully immerse herself back into music. Billboard reports she’s “choreographing, designing stage sets, traveling” and has a desire to get involved in “zydeco culture.”

Solo herself said, “I’m clear within myself that I’m not interested in entertainment at this moment. That might change. There might be a moment where I decide, ‘Hey, I love the game.’ For right now, I’m not [there]. I think about my gut and how many times I didn’t listen and how many times that fucked me over.”