The Black Panther film continues to both bring joy and bring communities together.

As reported, Big Boi and his company Celebrity Trailers decided to surprise a group of hospice patients in Atlanta by treating them to a special screening of the blockbuster this weekend.

Patients of Loving Arms Hospice in DeKalb County were able to go see the film for free on Friday (Feb. 23) due to his generosity, with the rapper handling everything from tickets to transportation to snacks.

“It touches his heart because his family are on hospice as well,” Celebrity Trailers co-owner Janice Ahmed shared in a statement. “And he wanted to get his family out to go ahead and still enjoy life.”

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Black Panther, which was first released last weekend, is on track to earn over $100M during its second opening weekend.

After breaking records and earning the best first week for any Marvel film, the film has gone on to become one of the top second-weekend grosses in history. As reported, the film garnered $520M its first week, after opening with $280M, and is currently on track to do over $100M this weekend.

Wakanda. Forever.