With Jermaine Dupri being honored with the Breaking Barriers Award at the 2018 Global Spin Awards, a few of his famous friends came out to help him celebrate. Joined by Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris, the Atlanta-bred legend concluded his momentous night with a special performance of “Welcome to Atlanta.”

In addition to the special performance, JD was also joined by Usher and Bow Wow as he received his much-deserved Breaking Barriers honor. “I’ve worked with so many talented artists and DJs to produce great music over the years,” JD said while accepting the award. “The secret to breaking musical barriers is simple – practice makes perfect. For all the DJs out there that have supported and accepted me, I thank you for playing my records and sharing it with the world.”

All of this comes as Dupri celebrates 25 years of excellence, from the success of So So Def Records to producing enough hits to land in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.