With over 20 years to his name, Timothy Mosley, better known as Timbaland, is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

A master of rhythm and an essential piece in the history book of modern music, Timbaland set, pushed and stretched the limits to where pop, R&B, and hip-hop can go for the last two decades.

Earlier this month, his method of unorthodox production made way on Justin Timberlake’s fifth studio album, Man of the Woods, extending his reign on the Billboard charts (as “Filthy” marks over 20 placements on the Hot 100 for the producer). And when he isn’t spicing up chemistry with pop heavyweights, Timbo embraces the new sounds from upstart producers and burgeoning stars, like 6LACK, Young Thug, Sam Smith, and Zayn Malik, to name a few.

All of that said, it’s quite fitting to see all of this take place in a year when his debut album, Tim’s Bio: Life from da Bassment, turns 20 years old. All of that segues into DJ Timmy Tim’s sonic odyssey coming full circle at the 2018 Global Spin Awards, airing tonight on REVOLT TV at 9 p.m. ET.

At the 2018 Global Spin Awards, the seasoned super-producer gets recognized for his esteemed career with the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Cadillac.

Since emerging from out of Devante Swing’s Mob Crew in 1991, Timbo’s expertly crafted production launched a treasure chest of groundbreaking works. From setting the benchmark with Missy Elliott to polishing Aaliyah’s status as one in a million, bringing JAY-Z the bounce and getting his Quincy Jones on with Justin Timberlake, Timbo has proven time and time again why he is the greatest producer of his generation. His production résumé may look like a Grammys seating chart, but Tim’s genius lives in his ability to cultivate and innovate with his “sound animation.”

With this “sound animation,” which he described to Vibe magazine in 1997, “you can visualize what’s going on in the music.” This apt description for his intricately-constructed beats, encapsulates highlight moments like the cunning arrangement of baby squeals under Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody,” or the ricochetting laser beams bounced all around JAY-Z’s “Dirt Off the Shoulder.” If pop and R&B did acid together, voila, “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake.

When it comes to making music, Tim doesn’t produce beats. He directs motion pictures. As pop’s George Lucas, he consistently proves that you can be commercial and innovate at the same damn time. Thus is the reason why he continues to be so in-demand amongst the legends, modern era titans, and burgeoning talent.

To commemorate Timbo the King on his honor, hit play on this essential mix featuring some of his many classics (including b-sides for the purists).