The always entertaining Gunplay stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning. The Love & Hip Hop Miami star discussed his reasons for joining the L&HH franchise, issues with Def Jam and Rick Ross’ effect on his career.

On why he joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami: Because I couldn’t sell no music. I was tired of the bullshit. I said, let me just get some TV money.

On issues with Def Jam: I don’t know what they do in that building, but it ain’t right. It wasn’t benefitting me. I put music out. They started pulling my shit and all type of weirdo shit.

On if Rick Ross could’ve done more to help his career: I mean, he has his own shit going on, so I take that small percentage of shine and light and turn it into something. I don’t really need nobody holding my hands.

On his past as a pimp: I wanted to address that too because I really wasn’t a pimp. A pimp eats, sleeps, shits pimp shit. All my life I’m a hustler so, at the time, the dope game [had] kind of dried up for a second, so I just sold some hoes.

More of Gunplay’s interview with The Breakfast Club can be viewed above.