Mobb Deep aren’t known for canoodling but, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and tomorrow on Drink Champs you’ll see N.O.R.E. blow up Havoc’s spot with some back-in-the-day stories about his romances. (Leave it to your best friend to do such a thing. Especially when the liquor is flowing.)

While N.O.R.E. is all too proud to tell the world about how many “industry chicks” a young Hav used to bag back in the day, the Mobb Deep half downplays his prowess and says he just had “a lot of female friends.”

As we await the episode—tomorrow at 10 p.m. ET on REVOLT TV—we decided to tap, well, deep into Mobb Deep’s chamber to find their top 5 love songs.

1 | “Hit It From The Back,” Juvenile Hell

No flowers, no roses, no couth but, hey, the fellas were kids then and it was an entirely different era. The Mobb had their first buzz by telling the ladies their favorite sexual position on this adolescent lust ode.

2 | “Trife Life,” The Infamous

The guys had hearts in their eyes. Blinded by the affection of some shorties, Havoc and Prodigy risk life and limb, not only by themselves but with their crew. First, P rounds up the fellas traveling out of his Queens borough to hook up, he knows full well that a vengeful ex may be setting him up. Later, Hav drops a biblical verse about survival tactics needed when visiting your boo that lives in the PJs.

3 | “It’s Alright,” Blood Money

With a little help from 50 Cent, the Kings from Queens look to mend hearts with promises of living luxurious and being loved. Mary J. Blige sings from the perspective of so many brokenhearted women leery of giving a new man a chance at love.

4 | “Hey Luv (Anything),” Infamy

When you’re trying to woo a woman and kill the stereotype that thugs don’t know how show love, there’s no shame in bringing back-up. Our beloved duo teamed up with 112 to serenade females, convincing them of their sincere intentions to nourish relationships.

5 | “Drink Away The Pain,” The Infamous

Kill ’em by being clever! An all-Queens collabo, Mobb Deep aligned with their one-time mentor Q-Tip using liquor as metaphors for relationships and situationships. Tip goes off script, but is masterful nonetheless. One thing is for sure, whether women or alcohol, this is the anthem for anyone who is drunk in love.

Honorable Mention | “Handcuffs,” Infamy

Usually when we think of the Mobb breaking shackles, we associate it with breaking free of the police who may have apprehended them after some heavy thuggin’. Nah, not here. Hav and P use a Down South bounce flow as they promise to liberate a couple females from their dead-end relationships.

Watch ‘Drink Champs’ with Havoc tomorrow night, Thursday, at 10 p.m. ET on REVOLT TV where he’ll be joined by veteran producer-DJs L.E.S. and Tony Touch, as well as rapper Noyd.