For the first time in franchise history, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. After ringing in their historic win on Sunday (February 4), the city of Philadelphia threw a celebration (and then some?). However, it was bittersweet for Philly’s own Meek Mill, who is currently in jail serving time for parole violation. Although his energy was felt during the game, having his enduring underdog anthem “Dreams and Nightmare” soundtrack the Eagles run onto the field, his presence was surely missed. In a new statement reacting to his hometown’s victory, Meek expressed feeling “especially proud” despite wishing “my current situation was different.”

“I wish my current situation was different, and that I could be with my brothers on that team, and the other Eagles fans, in celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he shared to NBC’s John Clark, who released the full quote on Instagram.

In the most recent update surrounding his case, Meek Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina responded to Judge Genece Brinkley, who has overseen Meek’s case for nine years now and is threatening to sue for defamation. “We look forward to a lawsuit from the judge and taking this to court where she will have to be deposed under oath and speak the truth,” Tacopina shared in a statement to HipHopDX. “We are not shocked that Judge Brinkley has resorted to this tactic. She has filed 29 lawsuits, including lawsuits against the Hershey Estate and the Hershey Entertainment Resorts Company in Philadelphia Municipal Court, settled for $15,000 and claimed ‘trauma,’ ‘sleeplessness,’ ‘flashbacks,’ and ‘nightmares’ that she blamed on the hotel, where she had stayed for a 2012 judicial conference.”