Back in September 2016, Texas rapper Blake—Beaumont-born, San Antonio-bred—released on YouTube the music video for his single “Flexin” and experienced what even he describes as a “weird situation.”

“I had never done numbers like that before,” he said in a recent sit-down interview at REVOLT TV’s Los Angeles office. “It was my first million.” But now having signed to Atlantic Records, it won’t be (and hasn’t been) his last thanks to his self-admitted eclecticism and individualistic style.

“I feel like my sound genuinely sounds like what’s ‘in’ now, the hype, the turn-up,” he started. “But I feel like within that hype, I’m actually talking about stuff, which I feel like is missing in a lot of people’s music….A full album in my head would be all over the place because I don’t just make the turn-up music, I do R&B too; that’s kind of what I started first making.”

In addition to revealing his studio habits (“It takes me, like, three hours to pick one beat”), how he crafts a song, and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t rapping, Blake detailed exactly how he plans to implement his “takeover” and asked a favor of his fans.

“I want my fans to feel, or new listeners to comprehend, just listen to what I’m talking about,” Blake said. “Just listen. Like, I know it sounds lit, but really analyze what I’m saying. I want them to understand that it’s not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.” Watch the full interview above.