Before 2017 came to a close, Sean “Diddy” Combs began manifesting his aspirations to buy the Carolina Panthers, after Jerry Richardson announced his intention to sell his share, with the announcement arriving following allegations of workplace misconduct. The conversation that soon followed was met with others, such as Colin Kaepernick, expressing interest in joining the ownership team.

Most recently, Democratic congressman Gregory Meeks vocalized his support of Combs’ possible acquisition, one that would make make him the first Black majority owner in the history of the NFL.

During a recent conversation with TMZ, Meeks expressed how he is in support of the move, but has a suggestion of his own for the music mogul to consider.

“That would be fantastic,” Meeks said, responding to TMZ’s questioning. “All ownership in all professional sports needs to be more diverse.”

He then noted that he wished Combs would instead focus his endeavor on purchasing a team from his home state.

“Now, I would be rooting against him because I’m a New York Giants fan,” Meeks explained. “I wish he was looking at maybe a New York team. Maybe he could turn the Jets around.”

Combs recently revisited the subject during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, further confirming that he is working on forming a group of owners to help make it happen.

“It was never about me buying the Panthers, it was always about we,” Combs explained. “It was always about we need a team,” he explained. “I jumped out there to make sure that they understood that they have to consider some black ownership right now with 80%, 70% of the league being African-American. It’s just time.”

Take a look at Sean “Diddy” Combs discussing his future endeavors with the NFL, above.