Fetty’s home! And if you’ve been following his social media accounts in recent weeks, you’ve realized he hasn’t missed a beat (or, as he would say: “That bop still different!”)

Fetty Luciano—member of the GS9 rap group, younger brother to Rowdy Rebel, and the first to be released from jail since the crew’s 2014 gang indictment—is going harder than ever to ensure that both Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy’s names remain relevant within culture. Yet he still found time to sit down with us at REVOLT TV.

At the time that the group got wrapped up in conspiracy, gun and drug charges, Fetty was a high school student and talented basketball player, and GS9 were reigniting New York City’s rap scene and redirecting hip-hop’s focus back to Brooklyn with tracks like “Hot Nigga,” “Computers,” and “Bobby Bitch.”

Fetty has since vowed to bring the sound of “The 9” back to the game by releasing his first single ever, “Shmoney Calling.” It drops tonight at 9 p.m. EST.