This week, the Drink Champs meet the “Dream Champs”: hip-hop’s dream team of “Freddy” and “Jason” or, as we more commonly know them, Fabolous and Jadakiss. The duo joins N.O.R.E. for a few rounds of career and life retrospect and, since co-host DJ EFN was on vacation during the episode’s tour, they had a special stand-in: REVOLT TV Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy.

When asked if he expected his friends to collaborate on a full project, Combs said, “I was shocked. When I heard about it, I was shocked. I think they balance each other out and it’s so authentic. It’s not what you would obviously put together, but it’s what you what have dreamt for.”

Talk about surprises. Both Jada and Fab say they never expected to be have such long, illustrious tenures in rap.

“Not at all,” Jada reminisced. “You loved the passion of it and you just want to be in the mix and on and have record deals. Back then, they said, ‘Think five years ahead.’ You was thinking six months.”

“I never thought hip-hop was a career,” Fab added. “At that time, you tell your parents ‘I wanna be a rapper…’”

“They looking at you like you crazy,” Kiss chimed in.

Fab continued, “It wasn’t looked at as a lengthy career where you could even step out and do other things based on your hip-hop career. So even progressing this long, we loved it. It wasn’t even a career option.”

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