A few days ago, the Maybach Music Group loss one of their Generals as an indispensable cog in the Empire, Nadrian James, better known as “Black Bo” passed away. Details around his death have not yet been made public, but his impact was immeasurable and will never be forgotten. Rick Ross’ company released a statement in social media about the unfortunate, untimely passing.

“Over the weekend we took a great loss to our team with the passing of Black Bo (@blackbomaybach),” the statement read. “On behalf of MMG we would like to graciously thank each and every one of you for the tremendous outpouring show of love and support as we get through this tough time. Black played such a major impact in the lives of many and positively affected those he came in contact with. We ask that you join us in continuing to uplift and show support to his family. We will remain committed to keeping his name and legacy alive throughout each and every one of us. #LongLiveBlackBo”

Rick Ross himself spoke to the public about the brotherly bond he had with Black. They’ve been inseparable for over two decades. Literally everywhere Ross went, Black was there. Every flight, every show, every TV appearance, every restaurant opening, every award show – Black was always there to support Ross.

“Everything is God’s timing,” Ross said in post on his Instagram page. “He called home a beautiful soul. I called him by his middle name ‘LETEEF’. 1st one I saw and spoke to every morning. My friend,business partner and My codefendant.He defined TRUST,HONESTY,LOYALTY, not only to myself but everyone who met him. This is painful but we promised each other 2 always remain strong. Until we meet again, your words will replay a LIFETIME. @blackbomaybach


Eddie “eMix” Hernandez, who engineered so many of Ross’ classic projects, spoke on social media about the deep pain felt by everybody who knew and loved Black.

“I lived a lot of life with my big bro and he was the rock that brought everyone’s ego back down to earth,” eMix wrote. “He taught me so much without having to say a word. My heart hurts. I’m really fucking crying as I remember his laugh. Especially when I was the cause of it. He had a way of humbling you with just a grin. I love you, my brother. RIP Nadrian James #love #MMG #BlackBo #MyBrother #eMIX”

One of the first artists on MMG, Gunplay posted that he didn’t want to believe the man who has been family to him since he was a teenage passed away.

“I tried to hold off saying farewell to my big brother @blackbomaybach cuz i was waiting for the nightmare to end,” Gunplay lamented. “But i cant run from reality. Since i was 16 years old, all I can remember were words of wisdom from you. Some things I didnt want to hear but it was for the best. You are the definition of remaining humble, staying yourself, and never backing down. I remember when Vonte started rappin n u called me round there to do a song with him. I was just happy to do a favor for you cuz for years u did it for everybody else. We all are so hurt words can’t describe. You are and always will be the backbone to this thing of ours. Im not mad or gunna question God. But this is a different loss for me. I literally feel a peice of me gone. I cant explain it but we all feel ot trust me. We will never have another @blackbomaybach cuz HE dont make em like you no more. My brother I love you and i tell u dat everytime we saw each other so i cant say i didnt tell u enough. Imma say it again and again….i love you we love you da world loves you we all miss you. U planted dat real nigga seed in everybody dat came in contact with you and now watch the fruits of your labor grow my big brother. I love you Bizzoe!!!!!!”

Wale’s message to Black were both poetic and heart wrenching as you can feel the anguish in his words.

“As the tears begin to chase each other down my face .. I️ try to combat the sadness of this new reality with the indelible memories u gave us,” Wale testified. “It still doesn’t seem real.. it can’t be real! WHY is it real? Absolutely None of us have to try to think of the selflessness the genuine compassion and absolute loyalty for your friends you demonstrated daily.. no sir, because those things are synonymous with your face. Those things are synonymous with your name. Those things… synonymous wit the very thought of you comrade . My heart hurts so much . I’m wondering if I’ll ever need it again .. The world ,the label ..,shit EVERYBODY knows I’m a mess . I’m flawed I’m flawed I’m flawed and maybe I️ don’t even belong . Maybe I️ never did. BUT because of you ,the insecurities and self doubt became as insignificant As these tears in a hurricane.

“At this very moment I’m writing off instinct. The pain the sorrow the mourning is inevitable. But I️ could take 14 forevers and still never find the words that illustrate how much we love you . How much I️ love you .how much I️ need you. Your wisdom , composure an ear to listen a shoulder to cry on all things we foolishly tend to take for granted . May God be with your family and friends . I️ Love u OG .. you will forever be in our hearts. And I️ will cherish every piece of advice you gave