Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group is in mourning today after a very deep and heavy loss. One of the most integral parts of the Empire, Nadrian “Black Bo” James, passed away yesterday. If you’ve spent any time around Rick Ross you’ve seen the Man Everyone affectionately referred to as “Black.” He’s been one of the Miami Superstar’s closest friends for decades. They came up in the street together and Black has been there every step of the way of Ross’ career. If you ask Ricky Rozay, Black was his brother.

If you’ve ever been around MMG, instantly you would see that Black was very low key, Humble but maintained a very powerful presence. He was professional and had a great business mind. He didn’t go around doing interviews and making a fuss on his social media page. The only time you would here his name in the public is when Ross shouted him out on a myriad of songs such as “Hustlin’” and when he and Ross were arrested together in 2015 for an assortment of charges including kidnapping. The press referred to him as “bodyguard,” but Black was simply a great friend and confidante to Ross who believed in his many visions and wanted to help The Bawse execute his many game plans. Black was a big Brother figure and mentor for acts on the label such as Meek Mill and Wale. Everyone trusted his word, Especially Ross. Footage of Black and Ross getting their ankle bracelets taken off and getting off house arrest went viral earlier this spring.

“God is great,” Ross said in the Footage. “I’m having a pool party tomorrow. I’m pulling the grill out. Me and Black having a pool party.”

The cause of James’ death and any surrounding details have not been disclosed as of yet. Ross nor any representatives for MMG have made any statements however, various members of the team of went to social media.

MMG President Young Sav posted on his Instagram “Sometimes life can feel wrong and this is definitely one of those times. I cant believe that this happened but I do know Black Bo is in heaven smilin and watchin over protectin all of us. He was without question the glue that kept everythin and everyone together. Black never complained and always did what was necessary to help keep the ship runnin. For that, I salute him! The pure definition of being a stand up individual. One of the realest people you will ever meet. Your presence will be sincerely missed Black. God bless his soul, his family and all his friends. #RipBlackBo.