N.E.R.D., “1000” ft. Future

Opening with footage of real protests and acts of violence, the visual for the dance-ready riot of a track then turns the spotlight on dancer Mette Towley who is seen performing emotive choreography, fighting another woman with her bare hands, and standing in the crash of ocean waves. Audio of a confessional Mike Tyson is also used before Towley is joined by a line of fellow dancers.

Rich Chigga, “Crisis” ft. 21 Savage

A dimly-lit warehouse, an old couch, and a vintage car serve as the backdrops to Chigga and Savage’s spitting.

Buddy, “That Much”

Buddy leaves his humble home to spend a day with friends (and Mike Epps) at a luxury house in the hills, playing dominoes, rollerskating, swimming and, ultimately, aspriring.

NSTASIA, “New Religion”

Simply styled, NSTASIA sings in front of color-changing backdrops, illuminated crosses, and while in an oscillating chair. Earlier this month, the singer explained the song was inspired by “worship”-like love.

Ahsh Eff, “Big Gucci” Wanksta (remix)

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of 50 Cent’s “Wanksta,” New York’s own Ahsh Eff has decided to revisit the now-classic track, showing some love to the mogul during her own fiery interpretation. Utilizing the same instrumental as the original, the green-haired emcee absolutely goes in, making an abandoned warehouse her stage.