Eight months after releasing his year-defining album DAMN., Kendrick Lamar is reportedly gearing up for a special collector’s edition that should satisfy those duality conspiracists.

On Microsoft’s online music marketplace it was revealed that a new version of Kendrick’s fourth studio album is on the way featuring a reversed tracklist. According to the online store, the album starts with “DUCKWORTH” and concludes with “BLOOD.”

The news of an official album featuring a reversed tracklist comes after Kendrick told MTV News back in August that the album can be played both ways. “I think like a week after the album came out, [fans] realized you can play the album backwards,” he confirmed. “It plays as a full story and even a better rhythm. It’s one of my favorite rhythms and tempos within the album. It’s something that we definitely premeditate while we’re in the studio.”

Although it’s available for purchase on the Microsoft site, TDE or Interscope have yet to confirm the release.