It is definitely one of the most provocative videos in years. Simple, but potent. Powerful like a mule kick. Joyner Lucas’ latest video, for “I’m Not Racist,” is rightfully causing a stir. So much so that celebrities including REVOLT TV Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs and Chris Brown, as well as fans, have been posting portions of it of social media. Everyone is talking.

The video takes place in a room where a black man and white man sit across from each other and recite lyrics about today’s incendiary societal race relations.

Real Talk | Joyner Lucas explains the creative process and casting behind “I’m Not Racist” video

“With all due respect / I don’t have pity for you black niggers, that’s the way I feel,” says the white man, lip-syncing Lucas’ rhyme, to his counterpart. “Screamin’ ‘Black Lives Matter’ / All the black guys rather be deadbeats than pay your bills / Yellin’ ‘Nigga this’ and ‘Nigga that’ / Call everybody ‘Nigger’ and get a nigger mad / As soon as I say ‘Nigger,’ then everyone react.”

Frustrated, the black man retorts. Once again, the actor is shown lip-syncing bars originally spat by Lucas, who wrote the record from two different perspectives.

“With all disrespect, I don’t really like you white motherfuckers, that’s just where I’m at,” the black man raps. “Screaming ‘All Lives Matter’/ Is a protest to my protest, what kind of shit is that? / And that’s one war you’ll never win / The power in the word ‘Nigga’ is a different sin /We shouldn’t say it but we do, and that just what it is / But that don’t mean that you can say it just ’cause you got nigga friends.”

“I’m Not A Racist” is the latest in a catalog drenched in thought-provoking classic visuals in Lucas’ young career. He credits it to his unique approach to making music. He may be the only artist that conceptualizes the video before he even writes the song.

“I take the video-first approach,” Lucas explained while visiting REVOLT TV’s New York studio. “I write the video treatment before I come up with the actual [music]. Once I know what the video is going to be about, I go and create the record around the structure of the video. That approach works for me. That’s my lane. That’s what I do. The typical, average Joyner Lucas fan, they love that about me. That’s what they look forward to and that’s what they’re gonna get a lot of.”

Of course, Lucas’ calling card is also getting unknown talent in his mini-movies to convey the concepts.

“The casting, those are all my friends and family,” he revealed. “Those people have never acted a day in their life. Those are people, I said, ‘You look like you can play the role’ and coach them along the way. They do a good job and I’d rather use the people around me and put them on the screen versus casting people I don’t know. I want to give people where I’m from, that are close to me, a chance to be on TV so we can all shine together. That’s how I rock. In addition to that, when it comes to the music videos, you can see the director’s aspect because I’m a director at heart. I’m trying to venture off into movies. A bigger world. I’m trying to do bigger things, pause.”

Lucas’ latest project, 508-507-2209, came out this summer. And yes, he titled it after his actual phone number. Currently, “I’m Not Racist” is a stand-alone song and video not connected to any project.