With all eyes focused on the recently reignited beef between Cam’ron and Mase, the Dipset co-founder has decided to capitalize on the moment, wasting no time and choosing to share his official response to the very diss track that started it all this weekend.

After teasing a preview online, Cam’ron has officially released the full audio reacting to Mase’s “The Oracle,” with his track “Dinner Time” already trending on social media as hip-hop fans are beginning to weigh in.

The track, ruthlessly titled “Dinner Time,” features Cam refuting the many claims that Mase had previously made against him, such as the allegation he had slept with his own sister.

During the track, Cam’ron spits, “You done opened up a door / I’m pretty ready for war / I ain’t got a sister, only sister I f—ked was yours.”

Killa Cam also talks about Mase’s past struggles in the music industry, taking jabs about his foe’s seemingly tremulous history with music labels and overall attacking his lack of success, as well as his motives behind becoming a pastor.

However, as we know, the Internet doesn’t play any favors, with many exclaiming that Mase won the first round, especially factoring in the audio quality of Cam’s rebuttal.

Take a listen to Cam’ron’s response, “Dinner Time,” as well as see some reactions, below.