As if being a super-producer wasn’t enough, Swizz Beatz is officially excelling in other areas now that he’s graduated from a course at Harvard Business School.

Today, Swizz earned his certificate from the Ivy League university’s Owner/President Management Program. The course is designed for CEOs, COOs, Presidents, Managing Directors and Executive Directors who have at least 10 years of work experience and come from companies with annual revenues or established enterprise value in excess of $10 million. It focuses on corporate growth, leadership expertise, and financial success.

Swizz has been anticipating the moment all week, taking to Instagram a few days ago to say:

“No, I’m not getting an MBA. This is alumni status of the OPM program. But no matter what I’m in here for, I’m in here to further my education….Sky’s not the limit, it’s just the view….We came, we seen, we conquered. Harvard’s doing a case study on your boy, it’s showtime.”

On his last day of class, he celebrated with bottle in hand and revealed he’d be continuing his education, saying:

“I’m taking more classes even when I graduate because the knowledge don’t stop. The fun don’t stop. Just because you wanna get your education, that don’t mean you can’t still be cool, can’t still have fun….Whoever tell you that you don’t need to be educated, they must not be educated themselves.”

Today, he shared an old photo of himself as an adolescent, dressed in a cap and gown and with a diploma in hand. He wrote:

“In life we must keep graduating until the end. When I say we must graduate I’m talking about on all levels not just school. This moment is special to me and my family because many people look up to me and they use my drive to thrive.”

Finally, he shared footage of his walk to collect his certificate, and he did so while wearing a jacket adorned with the phrase “From the Bronx to Harvard.” (He’s also been teasing a documentary of the same name.)