Cool and Dre have been back focused on a heavy output of hits and the Miami duo have chiefly been achieving just that with their family of Fat Joe and Remy Ma. From “All The Way Up” To “So Excited,” the collaborations have knocked in the streets, in the club clubs, and on radio. Today, the latest in the line dropped.

Earlier today, Remy dropped “Wake Me Up,” her anticipated track with Lil Kim. The song incorporates of sample of the Queen Bee’s classic “Queen Bitch” and, as the production team told us, the record was a brainchild of Fat Joe.

“Man, shout out Joe Crack,” Dre explained while sitting next to Cool in their office at Miami’s Lake Oasis studio. “He had the idea of flipping the sample on there that we flipped. And we can’t speak on the actual session with Remy and Lil Kim, but we can definitely speak on the outcome. It’s one of the hardest records. Lyrically, what Remy is doing on there is crazy and she got Kim sounding like the days when Craig Mack was out here getting it. It’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna impact the streets and the clubs and we’re just very happy to be a part of that.”

Dre says that even though he’s known Remy for almost two decades and has produced numerous records for the Bronx lyrical slugger, he’s still in awe of her adroit wordplay.

“We met Remy in 2001 and to see her now still doing what she does…her bars are up to par,” he applauded. “One of the best rappers. She did another record. We did another record in there with her and lyrically I’m just, at the time, was like, ‘Yo, Rem, you can really fucking rap. You can really rap. You’re one of the best rappers.’ She’s like, ‘Nigga, what the fuck you thought? Are you dumb?’”

“She was like, ‘Dre, are you dumb?’” Cool reiterated, causing both of them to laugh.

Besides “Wake Me Up,” Cool and Dre have two other records they produced on Rem’s upcoming LP 7 Winters and 6 Summers. The pair also have another scorcher with Fat Joe coming real soon.