Rae Sremmurd has reached a new career milestone, but one that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the Billboard charts.

The duo instead have entered a new level of pop culture relevancy: being included on an episode of Jeopardy!

Taking to Twitter, Swae Lee pointed out the recent inclusion, sharing a video clip of the question, which was about the pair’s music and was one that the average hip-hop enthusiast could likely answer in a matter of seconds.

The question, “This 3-letter word means ‘amazing’; in a Rae Sremmurd song title, it precedes ‘Like Bic,’” was unfortunately one that went unanswered correctly, with the $600 value a lost opportunity.

As fans can attest, the word host Alex Trebek was looking for, was “lit,” with the answer’s clue hinting at Rae Sremmurd’s 2015 track, “Lit Like Bic.”

Better luck next time! Either way, Swae Lee personally shared his excitement about the special televised moment, adding, “Ni**a, we made it!”

Check out the Jeopardy! clip below.